Personal selection management with Corem – Simple and effective CV loading

Easily organize your company’s work schedules with just a few clicks.

Manage staff selection in an orderly manner

With Corem, simplify and optimize the recruitment process with the candidate upload feature.

The personnel selection officer can manage the candidates’ CVs in an organized manner, assigning them a quality score that reflects their skills.

Manage staff selection

tool for personnel management

A tool for personnel management

Corem offers a strong tool for the management of your personnel which includes the loading CVs’ function.

With this function, the recruitment team manager can centralize and archive the candidates applications, assigning them a quality score for a more precise assessment.

Optimisation of the personnel selection

Optimisation of the personnel selection process

With Corem’s candidates upload functionality, the recruitment process becomes more efficient and organized.

The selection manager can evaluate candidates based on their CV and assigned quality scores, simplifying the selection of the best candidates for the position.

Simplify staff selection

Simplify staff selection with Corem

Choose Corem to simplify and streamline the recruitment process.

With CV uploading and quality rating, you can make informed decisions and choose the best candidates for your company.

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