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Personnel Management Software

Corem is the software of human resources management designed to simplify the business processes of the small and medium-sized companies.

Unique Platform
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Corem Personnel Management Software
Platform All-in-one

Platform All-in-one

A management system which integrate all the useful functionalities for the employees.

Maximum Safety

Maximum Safety

Corem ensures the security of sensitive data of the employees .

Total customization

Total customization

With Corem, you will be able to make any request with full autonomy.

What you can do with Corem

All that you need in one platform

Attendance Management Corem
Much more easier than make it manually

Attendances Management

With Corem, the employees can access their private area anytime to manage holidays, leaves, telecommuting and remote job.

With Corem you can manage:

Days off



Remote job

Easy for you and for your employees

Physical and Digital Badge

With Corem, the attendance management is simple and effective thanks to the system of physical and digital badge. The employee can record their own attendance in a few seconds, both in office and on telecommuting and remote job, and the attendances made with a badge can be automatically verified and corrected.

With Corem, you can easily check the attendances trend of your team, manage the days off, the leaves and the absences, the whole thing in complete safety and respect for the privacy of your employees.

Physical Badge

Digital Badge

Verify and correct badges

Corem Physical and Digital Badge
Personnel Documents Corem
The dashboard that you have always needed

Personnel’s Data and Documents

Personnel’s data and documents are easily accessible and organized thanks to Corem.
Every employee has his own personal dashboard to easily find all the working documents such as the paychecks, the contracts and the personal documents.

Furthermore, with the management of personal data you can manage and protect the sensitive data of your employees in a secure and compliant manner.

busta paga






dati personale

Personal Data Management

Human resources

Human resources

We facilitate human resources management.



We facilitate the relationship with external consultants



We support in team, headquarters and company management.



We optimize the employees requests.

Suitable for all the needs

A tool which can be used by everyone!

Corem is the tool which will help you to improve the business productivity, simplifying the human resources management, supporting the manager in optimizing the employee requests.

We make the human resources management, facilitate the relationship with the external consultants and support the team, residences and company management.

Make your work team

Best organize your work team

Thanks to its flexibility and customization, you can easily manage the staff, the team and the headquarters of your company.

With Corem you can associate different roles to every employee, to make and manage a team in an easier and more effective way, to manage your company in one or more headquarters and manage employees of more companies.

With Corem, managing your team has never been so easy and effective.

Staff Management

Staff Management

You can associate different roles for every employee.

Team Management

Team Management

You can associate with every user one or more teams.

Headquarters Management

Headquarters Management

You can manage your company in one or more headquarters.

Company Management

Company Management

You can manage employees of more companies.

A constantly evolving Software

Corem new functionalities

April 2023

Work Shifts Management

Work Shifts Management

With Corem, you can manage your employee work shifts in an easier and effective way. It allows you to create, to assign and modify the shifts according to the business needs.

May 2023

Personnel Selection Management

Personnel Selection Management

With Corem, simplify and optimize the recruitment process, you can upload every candidate who you can assign a quality score and a status.