All the advantages of Corem

Discover all the advantages and strengths of Corem

Corem a Resourceful Software

All that you need to make your company more simple, efficient and satisfying.

Unique Platform

Unique Platform

Thanks to Corem you can manage your personnel from a single platform.

It’s easy to use

In a few clicks you can manage your documents and the employees’ requests.

Improve the communication

Documents can be sent individually or to groups of employees.

Security of data

Corem ensures the security of sensitive employees data in a safe place so that everyone can update the information about him and that these are easily extracted

Connect from anywhere

You can badge with your PC, smartphone or tablet and from anywhere: from the office or remotely, too.

Reduce by 90% the email

With Corem, you can see a reduction by 85-90% of the numbers of email, because all the employees will be able to manage the communications through the platform.

More than a simple software for employees

Advantages for Accountants and Consultants

Corem is a software that integrates with most of the needs of accountants and employment consultants.

advantages and strengths of Corem

Employees Attendance Exportation

If you have an accountant or a labor consultant, Corem give you the possibility to download the employees attendance.

Paycheck Sending

Corem allows labor consultants and accountants to upload and download every single employee paycheck.

Find out all the Corem functionalities

All the functionalities

Attendance Management

Day off and Leaves Management
Sick Days Management
Presences planning
Telecommuting and Remote Job Request
Required Customization

Badge Management

Physical and Digital Badge
Badge Verify and Check
Geolocation of the Employees
Positioning by GPS

Documents Management

Personal Dashboard
File Sharing
Paycheck Sending
Contracts and Certificates Sending

Staff Management

Role Customization
Job Assignment
Company and Headquarters Management
Team Management

Communications Management

Notifications for Employees
Official Communications Sending