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Telecommuting and Remote Job

Telecommuting and Remote Job

Remote working is becoming increasingly more common and Corem adapts perfectly to the companies’ needs offering an effective management of the presences also in these situations.

The utmost safety and transparency in the attendance management ensure the protection of the employees’ personal data, offering a complete solution for the needs of the companies which operates in a more and more dynamic and connected work environment.

Physical and remote badge

with Corem, the HR software for employees’ management, the badge management becomes easy and innovative thanks to the use of a physical and remote badge.

Employees can badge both in the office or on the platform (remote work) in a few seconds and everywhere they are, while the manager and the human resource’s department can verify the badges on Corem and if necessary they can fix any possible problems quickly and effectively.

Office Badging

Online Badging

Badge Verification

Badge Correction

Physical and remote badge

Employees geolocalisation

Employees geolocalisation

Corem offers an advanced geolocalisation function which allows companies to track employees’ attendance easily and reliably, also when they work remotely.

Thanks to this function, employees can report their attendance in real time using a mobile device which will record their position through GPS.

Thus, companies can track their employees wherever they are, offering a better flexibility and transparency in their attendance management.

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