Roles management

It is possible to customize Corem to manage better your company.

Customization of roles

Customization of roles

The roles customization in Corem is a flexible solution which allows companies to assign specific roles to its employees, office managers or other companies, external consultants and anyone else who has an important role in the company management.

Every employee will have a role, a team, a company and an associated office, simplifying the communication management and activities.

Thanks to this customization, every user will have the control of his responsibilities, ensuring an effective management of the personnel.

Company and Branch Management

Managing companies and locations in Corem is an advanced feature that allows companies to better organize and control their locations and businesses.

The platform allows each user to be associated with the company and the location, simplifying the management of attendance and activities.

In addition, the management of companies and locations allows companies to have complete control over their organization and easily view information related to various locations.

Branch management

Company management

Company and Branch Management

Team Management

Team Management

The team management in Corem allows companies to organize and control their work team effectively. Thanks to the platform, it is possible to assign to each user a specific role in the team also specifying the team manager.

This customization allows a major flexibility and an effective management of teams, ensuring a more productive collaboration and a more fluid communication between the members of the same team.

Furthermore, the team management ensures companies to track the activities of the team members and to have a complete control over their organization.

Roles Management

Team Management

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