Employee Attendance Management

A simple and intuitive tool for the attendance management

Holidays and Leaves Management

Holidays and Leaves Management

The holidays and leaves management can be a challenging task for the HR staff. With Corem, the holidays and leaves management becomes simple and effective.

The employees can request their holidays and leaves directly through the platform, and the manager will be able to view and manage these requests quickly and reliably.

This deletes the needs of emails and texts exchange, and ensures that all the requests are managed in a uniform and transparent manner.

Holidays Management

Leaves Management

Telecommuting Management

Remote Job Management

Presences Planning

The planning of the employees’ presences is an essential activity for any company. With Corem, the presences planning becomes easy and intuitive.

The platform allows to view the employees’ presences clearly and neatly, ensuring an efficient planning and an accurate presences management.

Thanks to this advanced functionality, managers can plan the employees’ presences rapidly and efficiently, minimizing the occurrence of malfunctions.

Presences Planning

Required Customization

Required Customization

The customization of employees’ requests is an innovative functionality which allows the companies to adapt the platform to their specific needs.

With Corem, companies can customize the employees’ requests according to their specific needs, ensuring an efficient and productive staff management.

Thanks to this advanced customization, the employees can request their holidays or their leaves rapidly and safely, while the managers can manage these requests uniformly and reliably.

Hourly Balance Management

Managing hourly balances has never been more straightforward with Corem. Our platform delivers an advanced feature to track working hours, enabling you to select the day of the month for computations and determine which types of requests impact the balance.

Corem meticulously logs each transaction, offering you a clear view of the current status and monthly activities. Moreover, the ability to modify and recalculate the balance at any moment ensures flexible and updated management, guaranteeing that every hour worked is accurately accounted for.

With Corem, you possess everything necessary to efficiently, transparently, and effortlessly manage the hourly balance.

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