Management of Meal Vouchers

Easily manage your employees' meal vouchers.

Meal Voucher Optimization

With Corem, the management of Meal Vouchers becomes a clear and immediate process. Within the attendance summary, it is possible to see if, based on the hours worked on a specific day, an employee has earned the right to a meal voucher. This functionality adapts to company policies, allowing to precisely define:

  • Required Working Hours: The feature enables to set the minimum number of working hours needed to be eligible for a meal voucher, thus adapting to different company policies and employment contracts.
  • Working Modes: With Corem, it is possible to specify whether meal vouchers are accumulative in all working modes, including teleworking and on-site work, offering flexibility to meet the needs of a modern and hybrid working environment.

meal vaucher corem

efficient personnel management

An Innovative Approach to Personnel Management

The introduction of Meal Vouchers management in Corem underscores our commitment to providing advanced tools to facilitate business operations and enhance employee satisfaction.

This feature represents a further step towards more intuitive, efficient personnel management, in line with the needs of the contemporary labor market.

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