Simple and efficient shift management with Corem

Easily organize your company’s work schedules with just a few clicks.

Shift Management with Corem

With Corem, you can manage your employees’ shifts easily and efficiently.

Our intuitive platform allows you to create, assign and modify shifts based on the specific needs of your business.

Shift Management with Corem

planification of work shits

Intuitive platform for the planification of work shits

Corem offers an intuitive platform which allows to clearly display the work hours of the employees, taking into account their availabilities and the needs of the company.

You can easily make changes, manage replacements and monitor the progress of shifts in real time.

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability for the changeable needs of your business

Corem flexibility allows you to adapt work shifts to the changeable needs of your activities.

You can easily make changes in real time, without having to cope with complex manual processes or sending multiple communications to your employees.

Simplify Shift Management

Simplify Shift Management with Corem

Choose Corem and simplify shift management in a smart and effective way.

Save time, reduce errors, and make sure your team is always aligned and ready to do their job in the most productive way.

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All the functionalities

Attendance Management

Day off and Leaves Management
Sick Days Management
Presences planning
Telecommuting and Remote Job Request
Required Customization

Badge Management

Physical and Digital Badge
Badge Verify and Check
Geolocation of the Employees
Positioning by GPS

Documents Management

Personal Dashboard
File Sharing
Paycheck Sending
Contracts and Certificates Sending

Staff Management

Role Customization
Job Assignment
Company and Headquarters Management
Team Management

Communications Management

Notifications for Employees
Official Communications Sending